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Help us to put pressure on councillors to clean up Birmingham's air! Using the automated action (right), you can email your local councillor to let them know why you support a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) - but that the city also needs much more ambitious plans to tackle air pollution. You can personalise your email to you councillor and also select which councillor(s) you would like to email.

Dirty air in Birmingham is damaging our children’s health, not just now, but contributing to long term health conditions when they are adults. This is completely unacceptable.

The council will consider plans to clean up Birmingham’s air on 16th September, so there’s not much time left to tell them we need more action.

In order to send a consultation response on your behalf, we need to temporarily store some of your personal data, as well as share your details with the councillors you email. Read our full privacy notice.

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