Fossil fuel company adverts must display climate change warnings

We're in a climate emergency that fossil fuel companies helped create. Yet they spend millions on advertising that focuses on clean energy whilst continuing to invest heavily in climate-damaging fossil fuels. We think the public deserves to know #TheWholeTruth.

In December we made a legal complaint against BP for the ‘Possibilities Everywhere’ ad campaign which we thought was misleading given its focus on clean energy investments, when in reality more than 96% of BP’s annual spend is still on oil and gas.

In February, new BP CEO Bernard Looney announced that BP will “stop corporate reputation advertising” and that the current Possibilities Everywhere ad campaign will end and not be replaced.

This is a huge win for the climate and our work calling for an end to greenwashing in advertising by fossil fuel companies.

We want to see similar statements from the rest of the oil industry – listed companies like Exxon, Shell, Chevron and Total.

Help us keep up the pressure on fossil fuel companies to act.

Sign this petition today to call on the UK government to legislate for all fossil fuel advertising to come with a warning about its climate impact. It’s time for fossil fuel companies to tell the whole truth.

In decades past, tobacco companies were able to mislead the public about the safety of their products. In today’s climate emergency, the public should know #TheWholeTruth about the climate-damaging impact of fossil fuels. 

We're demanding that all advertising by fossil fuel companies contains a warning about the impact on people and the planet. Sign the petition today!